SmartStat makes it easy to customize the look of your team’s dashboard. To change the colors of the team simply select the team you want to edit from the main navigation on the left. Once you’ve opened the team’s dashboard, choose the settings tab. NOTICE: You must be the administrator/owner to modify the team color 

Under the customize section, you will see Primary Color and Secondary Color.

Primary Color

This is the main color of your team. Changing this will change the look of your team’s dashboard. In the stats, it will represent your stats vs your opponents on certain graphs. **Be sure to use a dark enough color that will contrast with the white text and white background. The button to the right of the color picker is to reset the color to the default.

Secondary Color

This color is your other team’s color or anything you want it to be. This will also change the team’s page look as well as the graphs.

Picking a color

To pick a color you have two ways to change it.

Color Picker

By default the color picker will open up which will allow you to pick the color and the brightness. As you slide the cross-hair around the color pallet, the selected color will be displayed in the box as well as around the team’s dashboard. When the desired color is found, simply click out of the box and the color will be saved.


The other way to change the color is to manually enter the hex color code (#000000 – #FFFFFF). If you know your teams actual color, enter the hex code into the box. The field will automatically change to that color and all you have to do is click outside the box and the color will be saved.


Resetting / Removing Custom Color

If you changed your mind or would like to reset the color, simply click the button immediately to the right (circular arrow with a dot in the middle) of the color box and it will reset the color. The box will change to white, but that is its default (uncustomized) color.

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