Adding a team logo will make it easier to identify which team you’re on as well as gives your team page a more unique feel. Adding a team logo is quick and easy following the steps below. You will want to go to the team’s dashboard that you want to add/edit the team logo of. Once on the dashboard click on the settings tab. Under the Customize section, you will see Logo.

NOTICE: You must be the administrator/owner to modify the team logo

Picking the right picture

It’s important that you pick the right team logo. The team logo is a 1:1 ratio (square) and any images outside that ratio will automatically be cropped and adjusted. For the best results, we recommend you use a square image and no smaller than 250 x 250 to avoid the possibility of pixelation.

Supported Formats

The formats we support for your team logo are the following extensions: PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF

Upload Logo

Click the button that says Upload. This will open up a file explorer window. Navigate and select the file you want. Once the desired logo has been selected, the site will upload and automatically adjust the image.

Change Logo

If you need to change the logo, simply follow the same steps as uploading. The old image will be written over with the new one.

Remove Logo

To remove the logo, simply click the Remove button next to upload and the logo will be removed from the team. You will need to re-upload the image if you choose you want a logo again.

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