All your teams data (players, games, stats, etc) is grouped into seasons. You get to determine when your season starts and how long it runs. In this section, we will explain how to manage your seasons.

Once you click add team, you will be taken to the season setup page where you will choose the season name. Enter the desired name of the season which will be used to help you identify it later down the road. Click next to create the new season and go to your new team’s dashboard.


Starting a Season

Before you can access the team dashboard, you must be in an active season. Any time you open a team that is not in an active season you will be taken to the season creation page. If you are wanting to start a new season, you must end the current one. See the next part “End A Season” on how to end the season. Once you’ve ended a season you will be able to create your new season.


Ending a Season

To end a season, simply navigate to the team settings section and under “Manage Team” under Season you will see “End Season” Clicking this button will end the current season.

If you end a season you will no longer be able to add/edit data or stats inside that season. You will also only be able to view the season data if you have a Pro subscription.


View Previous Seasons (pro)

This is a Pro Subscription feature so if your team isn’t at Pro, you will need to upgrade first.

To view previous seasons, simply navigate to the team settings section and under “Manage Team” under Season you will see “View Previous Seasons” Clicking this button will bring you to the season picker which will list all your previous seasons.

Reviewing Data

You will be able to view all the stats you’ve collected during games in that season. Each sport is displayed a little differently based on the sport being viewed. In general, you will be able to view your entire season stats or view stats by a game.

Games and Season View

You will see your season’s games listed and a color code to indicate the status in the system. A blue dot means your game is in the system, but no data has been synced with that game. A green dot means the game is complete and data has been synced with it. Since the season is closed you will no longer be able to add stat data to it.

Stats and Graphs

The player report and game report tables can be filtered down and exported.

Filtering & Exporting

To filter a table, click the search icon above the table which will show a field to enter your search. Type the text you want to filter for and a new table view will be created. To export a filtered view or the whole table (with no filter applied) simply click the export icon next to the search icon which will show the export features available. Choose the one that works best for you and your data will be exported.


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