Team management is the biggest part of SmartStat. You will use your team’s page to manage seasons, games, players, and all your stats. Each team will have its own subscription depending on its needs. All the teams you own and manage are listed on the left side navigation with their logo and name.  To open a team, simply click on the team from the navigation.

The rest of this section will explain how to use features to manage your team.

Creating a New Team

To set up a new team, simply click the “+” icon next to teams in the left side navigation, which will pop up a box to fill out. You will have the option to either create a local team or add a remote team.

Local Team

Choose your team name and select from one of the sports available. When ready, click Add Team

Remote Team

Click Add Remote Team. This will take you to the next page to start adding a remote team. For instructions on setting up a remote team, visit the Remote Team Management Documentation.

Season Setup

Once your team is created, if your team is not in an active season or the team you added is not part of a league, you will be prompted to set up a season.  To set up your season, simply enter the name of the season. You will want to choose a name that will make it easier for you to identify if you go back to view previous seasons (pro feature)

Manage Team


The stats section is the area where you will view all the stats you’ve collected during games. Each sport is displayed a little differently based on the sport being viewed. In general, you will be able to view your entire season stats or view stats by a game.

Games and Season View

You will see your season’s games listed and a color code to indicate the status in the system. A blue dot means your game is in the system, but no data has been synced with that game. A green dot means the game is complete and data has been synced with it.

Stats and Graphs

Some stats and graphs are available on free accounts but for full reports, we suggest upgrading to a Pro subscription. The player report and game report tables can be filtered down and exported.

Filtering & Exporting

To filter a table, click the search icon above the table which will show a field to enter your search. Type the text you want to filter for and a new table view will be created. To export a filtered view or the whole table (with no filter applied) simply click the export icon next to the search icon which will show the export features available. Choose the one that works best for you and your data will be exported.

Editing Game Report

You have the ability to edit the game report after a games stats have been submitted. To edit the report, choose the game and click the pencil icon. This will bring you to a new page where you will be able to edit the report.


The schedule section allows you to add the games to your team’s season. Each game will allow you to collect stats for that specific game. For events where multiple games can take place and the opponent name is unknown, we recommend a standard naming convention that will allow you to identify the game and rename later. To add a game, click the “ADD GAME” button which is in the top right part of the section display. Doing so will open a form where you will be able to provide the game information.

Game Title – The name of the game. This could be the opponent or the event. For events we recommend a naming convention, that would allow you to easily identify the game which you can come back to rename later. (example: State Championship – Game 1)

Date – The date the game is scheduled for.

Status – The status of the game. Choose if the game is upcoming, if it’s been postponed, cancelled or completed. The system will automatically mark the game as completed once the stats have been synced with it. *** NOTICE *** Do not mark the game as completed if you plan on syncing stats to that game. The system will not allow your device to sync stats to a game that has been already completed. This is a data protection feature. 

Game Details – This area is to allow you to provide a little more detail about the game that will help you identify it and provide any relevant information. (example: Hover School Field 3 @ 5:30PM)

Location – The place where the game will take place. This can be a full address or just the city / state. This information is used to show weather information when important.

Official – This will let the system know whether or not these stats should be included in the official stats or if the game is a skirmish and shouldn’t be counted.


The players section allows you to add players to your team. You will want to make sure you’ve added all the players you need to play a game for your sport. Not having the required number of players will prevent you from being able to start the game in the app.

Add / Edit Player

To add a player simply click the blue  “ADD PLAYER” button located in the top right part of the section display. To edit a player, click “EDIT PLAYER” next to the name of the player you want to edit. Doing so will open a form where you will be able to provide the player information.


Stats are stored by a unique player ID (not visible). If players change numbers (jersey #), be sure to change the number (jersey #) on the player (their name) and not the name on the number (jersey #). Not doing this will result in player stats being incorrect 

Name – The name of the player. Always keep this as the same person

# – The jersey/uniform number of the player.

Position – The position(s) the player plays.

Team Settings

Team Details

Name – The name of your team

Mascot – Your team’s mascot

Location – The location of your team. For future features, but right now is used to pull the weather report for your area.

Vanity – Your team’s vanity for its public profile. This field is read-only.


Logo – Upload a team logo. This is a 1:1 ratio and any images outside that ratio will automatically be cropped and adjusted. You can also upload your team’s logo by dragging and dropping the image on the logo next to the team’s name in the top header.

Primary Color – This is the main color of your team. Changing this will change the look of your team’s dashboard. In the stats, it will represent your stats vs your opponents on certain graphs. **Be sure to use a dark enough color that will contrast with the white text and white background. The button to the right of the color picker is to reset the color to the default.

Secondary Color – This color is your other team’s color or anything you want it to be. This will also change the team’s page look as well as the graphs.

Team Managers (pro)

Team Managers grants access to other users to access your team and it’s data. You will only want to add people that you know and trust.

Adding Manager

To add a team manager you must provide the email of the registered account and click add. Note: If the person does not have an account, they will need to create one and provide you with the email they registered with. During the setup process, they can skip the setup wizard.

Removing Manager

To remove a team manager, simply click remove next to their name in the list and they will be removed.

Leaving a Team

If you’ve been added as a manager on a team and you no longer want to be a manager, you have the option next to your name in the list to “Leave Team”. Clicking this will remove you from the team. The only way to be added back is by the team administrator.

Manage Team

This area in team settings is for managing more data critical features of your team. You will want to make sure you understand what each feature does before clicking them.

Custom Stats (pro)

Custom stats allow you to create your own stats to track. These can be player driven or result driven. For more information about setting up and managing custom stats, see the Custom Stats.


View Previous Seasons (pro) – This pro feature allows you to go back and view stats from a previous season. Even if you did not have a pro subscription during that time, you will get all the same detailed reporting as long as you recorded the information. See Season Management for more information.

End Season – This will end the season your team is currently in. Once you end a season, you cannot view it as an active season. In order to view it after ending it, you will need a pro subscription

Team Data

Deleting team data is irreversible and cannot be undone. The reason for this is due to security and privacy. If you are wanting to delete team data, make sure you understand each option and the difference they provide.

Delete only season data – This option will keep your team, but delete all the season data under it. All seasons (including the active one), games, players will be deleted from the SmartStat system.

Delete team and all data – This option will remove everything from your team including the team. You will no longer be able to access that team.

Season Management

See Season Management for information about managing your season

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