Here are the basics of the mobile app SmartStat Pro. Depending on the sport the team plays will determine the actual button layout and features. So be sure to learn more about the sport you plan on using with the app.


Team Selection

After you log into your account, you will be prompted to select a team to load into the app. If a team is greyed out, it means that the team is not currently in an active season. You will need to sign into your SmartStat Dashboard and setup the season. Once you choose the team, all the season data (players, schedule) will be downloaded locally on the device. The device is now ready to go offline.


Team Manager

Once you’ve loaded a team you will be taken to the team manager, which will let you see your game schedule, players, and options/settings.



The games list is your team’s season. It will show all the games that are available to record stats on. When you are ready to start recording stats, simply click Start Game on the tile of the game you want to start.



These are the players that are loaded into the app. You should always make sure that everyone that is playing is on the list before starting a game.



The options section is where you can reload the team, load another team, or delete game data. It will also show the settings available to the app and sport.

Reload Team

This will connect to the SmartStat Dashboard and download the team data again overwriting any data already loaded. Internet connection required. 

Load Another Team

This will keep you logged in, but remove the team loaded and bring you back to the Team Selection.

Log Out

This will remove the team and user data stored on the device and log you out.

Danger Area

For data protection, if there is data in a team that hasn’t been synced, the app will not allow you to clear the team data. In order to override this feature, you must click on the Danger Area toggle which will allow you to remove the team data stored on the device. This cannot be recovered or undone.

To stay logged in but delete the team data, click Delete Team Data. To log out completely, click Forced Log Out.

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