To make sure that we can send emails to you for account alerts and notifications, we require you to verify your email address. When you create a new account you will be sent an email with a link to verify your email. Sometimes that link doesn’t come and this article is to help you diagnose the issue.

SPAM / Junk Filter

Because the email is auto-generated, it can sometimes get flagged as SPAM / Junk mail. We recommend that you check your SPAM / Junk folder first before requesting a new code. Once you find the email, we recommend adding it to the “safe” or “not junk” list.  If you use a SPAM / Whitelist service you will want to make sure that you add to your whitelist.


Wrong Email

Sometimes the reason you are not receiving the verification email is simply that you typed your email incorrectly. If you believe that you did, the best way to find out is the try logging back into your account or doing a password reset. If you enter the correct information and it says it’s invalid or doesn’t match an account, chances are you entered the incorrect email. For security purposes, we cannot go in and change your email address. What we suggest is creating a new account with the correct email address. Accounts that haven’t been verified over a period of time will be removed from the system.


Still not working?

If you have tried the options above and still haven’t had any luck, please contact support so we can look into the issue and help you get your account verified.

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