This troubleshooting applies to the image uploader. If you still experience issues or don’t see your issue listed, please contact support.


My image uploads but when I change/refresh the page, my old image is there

This is a common thing that is due to browser caching. To save your computer from having to download the image multiple times while you are navigating between pages, your browser will usually store (cache) common images so it doesn’t have to download it every time. Clear your browser’s cache or wait a little bit (depending on your settings) and the new image should be seen.


I get an error after uploading, but everything appeared to work

You may get an error after uploading a new image but everything appears to have worked. This can be caused by a number of different things, but some browsers don’t always report a successful upload which triggers the error even though it worked.


Image not uploading 

There could be a few different reasons your image isn’t uploading. The most common reasons are an invalid format or the file is too large. Make sure your image meets all the requirements. If you are still experiencing issues, we recommend you contact support.

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